Packing technologies have made for cuts in both the geometry and weight of telecommunication devices. We are still evolving to achieve even a larger scale of integration.

We have been producing packages since 1981. The compact packages we produce have been extensively used in cell phones and other compact portable devices. Keeping pace with the growing complexities of device functionality, we have been working on downsizing our products more, while reducing their cost and enhancing their performance.

While gullwing packages now in widespread use are surface-mounted with the tips of leads bent outward, flatlead packages have come into being to meet the demand for higher scale integration amid the mounting needs for lower profiles and smaller geometry.

Flatlead packages suppress variations in lead forming because they do not involve lead bending, and allow more chips to be mounted in the same mounting area.

Gullwing packages
Flatlead packages
Leadless Packages

The characteristic of the flat lead package

flat lead package(SON)
  • Thin package(0.8mm) Low height
  • Lead bend in mold
  • Straight lead, High precision
  • Lead bent less
  • Low lead Inductance
  • Deployment chip size expansion

The characteristic of the lead less package

Cu Lead-flame Mold Array Packages
Electoric Forming Lead type Packages
lead less package(QFN/SON)
  • Development of new package is possible only in new lead frame.
  • Package size-free, dicing cut package
  • Thin package(0.8/0.5mm) more Low height
  • Lead bent less
  • Die pad exposure, low heat resistance
  • Low lead Inductance, RF high frequency

*LFMAPLead Flame Mold Array Package)