Company Info

A Message from the President

President Since the Company was established in Tsugaru (Tsuruta-machi), Aomori Prefecture, in 1981, we have manufactured semiconductor elements (assembly to testing) along with the development of the electronics industry, and will continue to advance the Company's growth together as a member of the AOI ELECTRONICS Group. We provide a wide range of services from semiconductor chip processing (back grinding, dicing) to packaging and testing.

Our assembly lines are automated and integrated, and different line configurations can be selected depending on the product size and number of pins to improve production efficiency and provide smooth production from small to large lots without waste.

We have the technology to produce compact, thin, and multi-pin packages for digital devices, cell phones, and other products as well as a production system that can flexibly handle a wide variety of products.

All our employees work with speed and strive to employ the latest technology to provide products in a timely manner to meet the needs of our customers.
Akihiko Hiraishi.